The Stewarts

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Loretta and Scott Stewart have enjoyed over 30 years of life-changing ministry. Their passion is to fulfill the “go ye” of the Bible. This passion beckoned them to travel the world preaching the incomparable Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus). They’ve lived in eight different countries and have tucked five languages under their belts.  Together, they started twelve churches and bible schools. 

An emphasis of their ministry is to bring the Bride (the Church) back to her first love and prepare for her Groom’s (Yeshua) soon return.  They passionately weave Hebraic understanding into the dynamics of God’s Word. The result is a fresh perspective and renewed faith resulting in signs, wonders and miracles!

Scott and Loretta are both graduates of Agape School of World Evangelism in Little Rock, AR.  Additionally, Loretta has a BA in Spanish. Scott has both a BA and MA in Middle Eastern History and recently completed his PhD in Biblical Hebrew. Scott is also due to be inducted into the Society of Scholars at Oxford Graduate School in June 2013.

Scott and Loretta have been happily married for over 25 years and have been blessed by the Lord to have three wonderful children, all of whom have been born on the mission field a have a heart and a love for God.

In December 2013 Dr Scott Stewart accepted the position of Senior Pastor at Agape Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. More information can be found at the Agape Church website.



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